Laura Diane Hamilton

Technical Product Manager at Groupon


The Chicago Open Government Movement

Derek Eder, founder of Data Made, gave an interesting talk on Saturday about the Open Government movement in Chicago.

The goal of the open government movement, Derek told the audience, is to drive transparency by building technology tools on top of data released by the government.

Based on Derek's talk, I created a timeline of the Chicago open government movement.


    Adrian Holovaty kicked off the Chicago open government movement with (now

  • Hacking the CTA API

    Harper Reed built the "Unofficial" CTA API by scraping the CTA bus tracker website.

  • Mayor Emanuel

    Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of the City of Chicago. Emanuel hires Chicago's first CTO and CDO to release new city datasets.


    Open City developers built, which improves transparency around Chicago lobbying activities.


    Developers built a scraper on top of the city's Plow Tracker app that displays which city streets have been plowed.


    The Open City team built an interactive map of Chicago's zones.

  • combines data from CPS, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the University of Chicago Urban Institute to help stakeholders understand data about Chicago school closings.

  • Crime and Punishment in Chicago

    Crime and Punishment in Chicago provides an index of crime and prison data sources.

If you're interested in hacking on open data—whether you're a developer, designer, statistician, journalist, or public servant—you can go to the Open Gov Hack Night. The group meets every Tuesday at 6pm in the IMSA room of 1871 in Merchandise Mart. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to